Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lakers 88, Celtics 87 FINAL

I just finished watching the Lakers-Celtics game on TNT, and I must say it wasn't pretty.  The first half was pretty much a snoozefest filled with some of the sloppiest basketball I've seen all season (no, I never watch two under .500 teams play each other, but you get my point).  The Lakers looked so physically drained the first half that it almost wore me out.  When Rajon Rondo went out on a fastbreak, there was no Laker within a football field of him.  It was pretty friggin' ridiculous.  And what's with Kobe not taking a shot until a few minutes into the 1st quarter?!  Let's get real, Kobe, Pau, and Bynum are the only good players on this Lakers squad.  I know that at some point in the game a Laker other than the three aforementioned has to shoot the ball, but the other 11 members of the team should always be the last option.  Seriously, the rest of the team sucks that much. 

Anyways, back to the game.  Once Kobe realized that his team sucks, he actually started shooting the ball.  This is where things got fun.  He was making impossible shots-- fading left, fading right, making step back jumpers, you  name it and he was making it.  Pau Gasol even woke up and started playing like the All-Star that he is (ohh wait, he's not an All-Star this season -_-).  Andrew Bynum played well too -- grabbing rebounds for those second and third shot opportunities, blocking some shots, and making some shots.

On the Celtics' side of things, Rajon Rondo played like his usual, awesome self.  Seriously, Rajon Rondo IS THE BEST POINT GUARD IN THE LEAGUE.  I cannot believe he wasn't named an All-Star, it's ridiculous.  I will never understand why Rondo doesn't get his due credit.  This guy has been carrying the corpses that are the Celtics for the past three seasons and Danny Ainge still had the audacity to try to trade him??!!  Danny Ainge is a friggin' idiot and should have been fired a longgg time ago. 

...But since Danny Ainge is still the idiot GM he is, I think he should work out a deal with the Lakers.  Seriously.  I used ESPN's nifty Trade Machine to verify that my trade works with all the rules and whatnot, and here's what I came up with -- Rajon Rondo and Jermaine O'Neal for Pau Gasol.  I honestly think this is a fair trade that would benefit both teams.  The Lakers are in dire need of a point guard and since that whole CP3 trade didn't work out (I hate you, David Stern), why not make a move for the best point guard in the league, Rajon Rondo??  And if you're the Celtics, why not let Avery Bradley take over the reins as point guard, let Pau play at the 5 spot, and dump Jermaine O'Neal's contract while you're at it?  It's a win-win situation :))

Well, this blog digressed from a talk about the game to trade talks because quite honestly this game sucked and the two teams playing in it suck.  They both need to make trades ASAP, why not start by making trades with one another?

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