Monday, February 20, 2012

Rajon Rondo Suspended For Two Games

Quick question... how in the world did Rajon Rondo receive a 2-game suspension for throwing a ball at the ref (sounds way worse than it really was -- check it out here for yourself) after Kevin Love received a 2-game suspension for stomping on Luis Scola's head (was just as bad as it sounds -- check out the video here)??  These incidents do NOT warrant equivalent suspensions... I'm starting to think the league has a bone to pick with the C's.  It's a shame because the next two games are against the Mavs and OKC, and without Rondo the C's have no chance.


  1. Its ridiculous! David Stern and his whole "crew" should be fired! The referee clearly can't see anything in front of him, he didn't see Greg Monroe land on top of Rondo, and the he didn't see the ball coming towards him....


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