Monday, April 23, 2012

Metta World Peace and the Infamous Elbow Throw

Last night's Laker game can be looked at in two ways--a great win or a great loss.  I choose to look at it as the former because I am biased Laker lover.  Can you believe they came back from down 18 in the 4th quarter against OKC?!!?!  Honestly, I hate to admit this because it's going to seem like I have no faith in this squad (SIDE NOTE: Can you blame me?..This is a team that had Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, and Devin Ebanks on the floor in double OT), I had turned the game off when they were down by like 14, thinking it was over.  Then, lo and behold, we're going into OT! How the hell did that just happen was all I could think!  The answer, none other than KB24.  How dare I ever undermine KB24's crunch time abilities??!  Never again! It was a GREAT victory against arguably the best team in the West. 

...BUT we can't escape the realities of what happened. MWP threw a nasty elbow at James Harden (WATCH HERE).  It was 100% uncalled for and I can't believe it happened.  Excuse my language, but WHAT THE FUCK METTA WORLD PEACE?!?!  There's only 1 game left in the regular season and the playoffs are less than a week away!  The team needs everyone AND METTA HAD ACTUALLY BEEN PLAYING GREAT AS OF LATELY.  Unfortunately there are no excuses for his stupid action, and he deserves whatever suspension is handed to him (whether it's a few games or the entire playoffs).  Here's what worries me--will MWP's absence be detrimental to the team (ie. round 1 ouster)?  If not, will MWP be mentally and physically stable/dependable when he's done serving his suspension?  The Lakers championship hopes (YEAH, THERE ARE CHAMPIONSHIP HOPES FOR THE LAKERS YOU NON-BELIEVERS) depend on the answers to these questions.  Here's to hoping...

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